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What people say about our services


"Jiri was patient. This was a new experience for us as first time homebuyers -- he answered our questions and showed us things we didn't know about. The electronic report was great and timely. Your feedback even beforehand was so appreciated. You definitely succeed in customer service and you will be the company we refer."


“The report was clear and thorough. Jiri was terrific. I have had several home inspections done and Jiri was by far, the best inspector. My husband was also very pleased.”


"Mr. Danihel did a great job!!!! I have the highest of respect for him. Today at the walk-through, I showed his report to the contractor, my real estate agent, and a friend who is in architecture school. All were similarly impressed - especially the contractor. He said it was the best presented report that he had ever seen, and he attached it as Item 1 on my punch list."

Chris Robb

Mr. Danihel,
Absolutely, your work was of the highest quality. We sincerely appreciate your diligence and preparation.

Rebecca Kelley, Falls Church, Virginia

"It went so well. Jiri was terrific. We wanted him to come and live with us. He showed us some maintenance tips that were very helpful."

Mica Bland, Fairfax, VA

We were all impressed, including my agent. Jiri went above and beyond what was expected.

Michelle McDonald, Woodbridge, Virginia

“Jiri was absolutely wonderful. He made the whole thing so much less stressful. He did everything that I’d hoped he’d do. He explained everything so it was understandable.”

Alison Gold, NW Washington, D.C.

"I was really impressed. Joe and Jiri explained things to me and they had a sense of humor. The report was idiot proof, even I could understand it and it was amazing that eight hours later, I had it in my inbox. I will recommend you."

Jason Smith and Elena Rodriquez, Ashburn, Virginia

"Jiri and Joe were stupendous. They were early, professional and informative. They took us through step by step -- showed me how to use the systems and pointed out the problem areas. You guys did an admirable job. Thanks, Sharon, I will certainly recommend you if the need ever arises."

Mary Dooley, NW Washington, D.C.

"Jiri, what a lovely person. He works so hard. Joe is a nice guy, too. Jiri inspires confidence - he’s so polite. Very complete - he didn’t stop the whole time he was here. The report was 100% better than the one we had before. So efficient. It was well worth it. I will tell anyone looking for an inspection about you."

John Lawless, Haymarket, Virginia

"Everything was great, informative and very thorough. When all was said and done, they did find things I wouldn't have found. I have some experience in construction but I wouldn't have found some of the things."

Alex, NW Washington, D.C.

"Jiri was patient. This was a new experience for us as first time homebuyers -- he answered our questions and showed us things we didn't know about. The electronic report was great and timely. Your feedback even beforehand was so appreciated. You definitely succeed in customer service and you will be the company we refer."

Chris Oves, Germantown, Maryland

"I was really happy with both Jiri and Joe. When I had a question, they answered it. I was quite impressed and would recommend you."

Robert Martin, NE Washington, D.C.

"Jiri did a fantastic job -- it was worth the money we paid. I was very impressed with the 32 page report. He found things we never would have thought about."

Teresa Rivero, Arlington, Virginia

"I’ve bought three other homes and this inspection was the most thorough and most useful ever. It was informative, high quality, and incredibly helpful."

Elizabeth Carls, Bethesda, Maryland

"Jiri was wonderful. He was very thorough, very clear, and very helpful."

Quirk, NW Washington DC

"Jiri did a great job. He pointed out some small things that need to be taken care of. We trusted that our agent would find us the right company and she did."

Jim Farman, Leesburg, Virginia

"Jiri was great. Everything was fine. The report was very thorough."

Lauren Funk, Lovettsville, Virginia

“Jiri was great, fantastic – nothing but good things to say. He was thorough. We had never had a home inspection before but he seemed to know what he was talking about. We are first time homebuyers and what he told us was very helpful and he answered all of our questions."

Karie Toia, Aldie, Virginia

"Jiri was very thorough and nice, we would recommend your company."

Frank Weiss, Vienna, Virginia

“I was very happy with Jiri’s work, the inspection was well worth the money. Even if someone has lived in a house for a long time, they should have an inspection every 5 to 10 years.”

Caitriona Palmer, NW Washington D.C.

“We were so impressed with Jiri, so professional. The report was easily understood. We were glad that we did the inspection and will use you again.”

Patty Seabolt, Silver Spring, Maryland

"Jiri explained everything and he answered all of my questions. He gave me a great report that told me things about the house and when they needed to be taken care of – for now and later.”

Ted Staib, Oakton, Virginia

“Jiri knows his business very well. He showed me some things about the systems in the townhouse, like where the shut-off valves were located, and this was helpful information to have in advance."

Michele Stein, Rockville, Maryland

“It was a great experience -Jiri gave us some useful tips - I thought it was much more detailed than other inspections we've had - it was well worth the money.”

Constance Harshman, Reston, Virginia

"Very impressed. Delighted. The photos were incredibly helpful."

Patricia Jasper Zellner, Chevy Chase, Maryland

"We thought Jiri was really great, really thorough. We liked the pictures. Even though he shows you everything, you forget with so much on your mind, so it is great to have the pictures and we liked the report."

McLean, Virginia

"It was done well - very thorough. I'm not an inspector so I have to rely on his report and I'm at his mercy. The report was professionally done, easy to read. I wish that he had done the inspection for the home I am selling as the difference was night and day. Jiri was professionally dressed - took off his shoes and respected the house. From the car he drove up in to the business cards to the way he was dressed, you can tell what a professional organization you have. There was damage done to my home by the other inspection company - it is appalling. I feel that the sellers should be pleased that they had your company do the inspection."

Joanne Webster, Sterling, Virginia

"Jiri was very nice, very thorough, and knowledgeable. He found some small things and some things that needed to be taken care of that I wouldn’t have known about unless we had an expert so I appreciate it. We were pleased."

Mrs. Gieser, Chevy Chase, Maryland

”Jiri was wonderful. It’s reassuring to know that there are professionals like you and I will certainly recommend you.”

Ralph Nelson, Severn, Maryland

"Jiri is very professional and the inspection was nicely done. In addition to finding things that I’d already known about, he also found some issues that I would not have discovered if I hadn’t had an inspection - one thing being a disconnected water pipe."

Denise Levin, Clarksburg, Maryland

”He’s just great – we’ve used him in the past and continue to use him. He’s very thorough and explains everything and we were very pleased.”

Marie Potter, Occoquan, Virginia

“Only have positive things to say – he was early – got there even before us and we were early so that was very positive. Jiri was very thorough, he didn’t rush, he was very knowledgeable. This was a first time process for us.”

Mr. Carr, Reston, Virginia

"It exceeded my expectations, he did a fantastic job, Jiri was methodical and his manner was pleasant. I have no hesitation recommending you."

Maria Ospina, Alexandria, Virginia

"We were really pleased with the inspector. Jiri gave us helpful information and explained everything in an easily understood manner."

Borislav Stoichkov, Bowie, Maryland

"I want to thank you for the excellent work you did with my home inspection. It was very useful and caught a lot of things I would not have recognized myself. Thanks again!"

Kathryn Fava, Manassas, VA

"Jiri was very informative. I especially like how he gave us little household tips on things we could do."

Nancy Costello, Great Falls, Virginia

"Jiri was so thorough and took so much time. We were pleased that he took the time and did not rush the inspection. Jiri found some problems with the stucco that my husband and I would never have known about. He recommended an expert in the field who we hired and who was able to get the builder to make corrections."

Elliott Rorie, Washington D.C. (Northwest)

"As I told my agent, Jiri was fantastic! He did a great job. He was very thorough he covered it from inside outside and all around. He explained everything during the inspection and went over it again at the end."

Alan Weinstein, Washington, D.C. (repeat client)

"Jiri did a great job and you did this on short notice, too."

Matt Deskiewicz, Rockville, Maryland

"I was very glad that I had this done. Jiri helped a lot to verify ideas I had which then helped with my decision on buying the house."

Paula Shultz, Springfield, Virginia

"Jiri was very thorough. I have just now forwarded Jiris report to the builder. I saw how very important it is to have a final inspection - even on new home construction - as important as with an already built home."

Eileen Lisker, North Potomac, Maryland

"Jiri was such a nice guy. He didnt find a lot but he did find some things that made it worth my while to have done the inspection. He was wonderful he explained everything. I was at the house three times and never noticed something that he found. This inspection helped to get me a $1000.00 credit."

David Havelka, Washington D.C. (repeat client)

"Jiri was great--it's the second time he's done an inspection for me--you guys do a great job!

Matt Cohen, Washington D.C.

"The inspection went perfectly. Jiri is very thorough. He was very courteous."

Celina Barton, Washington D.C.

"I was so impressed by Jiri and his incredible on line report - it was wonderful. Thank him for such a great report. You guys are just amazing and I love working with you."

Chris Upham, Washington D.C.

"It was wonderful. Jiri is a very nice guy. He was very thorough. He was able to effectively communicate with buyers. Jiri is very polite, which speaks to your company as you were the same, Sharon." -- Elizabeth Minoso, Rockville, Maryland"I have just received the report with a link via the Internet and this type of report (computerized with digital photos) is so good for an our-of-state buyer who was not present at the inspection."

Rita Stella & Trent Heminger, Washington, D.C.

"Jiri did a wonderful job. We got both contracts. Please use our names and give our phone number if people want to call us as a reference."

Kathy Schiavone, Gaithersburg, MD

"Jiri did a wonderful job. He was extremely thorough. I was very impressed. Jiri was also very polite. The computerized report with photos on the disk is really great...and they're good photos. I'd use Jiri again."

Adam Iobst, Gaithersburg, MD

"It went very well. Jiri did a very good job. He found some things and the seller is willing to take care of them for us."

Jill Barsky, Associate Broker

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy I am to work with such an outstanding organization. As a real estate agent it is very important that I trust the people I refer to my clients. There are not enough words to express my gratitude and thankfulness to have your team on my side. I would highly recommend your company for all aspects of the inspection process as well as other services that are available. Please, if anyone would like to call me personally please give them my numbers so I can go on and on about the superior service that both myself and my clients receive."

Marcelo Mejia

"Jiri did a great job - the report was great. Thank you, Sharon, for doing the follow-up."

Tara Reavey, Rockville, Maryland

"Just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. I am in the process of purchasing my first home and it is a very daunting experience. Jiri took the time to go over the house thoroughly and explained everything. I walked away confident and comfortable about my home. I would highly recommend Jiri to any new home buyer. The summary report with color pictures and the disc provided was such a wonderful addition. Thank you for making my home purchase just a little easier!!!"